About WYMA

Our History


Dec. 23 Established our official account on WeChat (Chinese Media)


Jan. 29 Started to recruit members and opened online application system.

Mar. 18 First organization meeting

Apr. 15 Held a mental health carnival in ___ and had __ attendees from __ psychology clubs in Beijing.

May 20 Initiated the Énlight Journal, collecting members’ introspection and insights.

Sep. 19 Started the “Dear MailBox” project. Provided advices to fellows and encouraged them to express self by exchanging letters with them.


Apr. new activities, including the Embracer Club, Support Group, Échoir Exclusive, etc.


Nov. Commenced working on the transformation plan for the WYMA organization


Jun. 21 Formulated our mission and culture: “To One” ( hyperlink to be added: link to the mission page)

Jul. 21 Publicized the WYMA Peer Guiding product and provided services to our first group of clients.

Oct. 12. Finished NPO registration in the State of North Carolina, US, and officially became WYMA Inc.

Vision & Mission

WYMA was founded with the understanding that the mental health problems in China are fueled by three barriers – cost, access, stigma.


In China, an estimated 173 million people suffer from mental disorders, according to the latest available official data from 2015. This number was limited to only 90 million in 2009. While mental health issues has become increasingly prominent alongside other illness in the recent years, the exorbitant amount of cost has hindered families to seek for prompt assistance for recovery. The absence of coverage for health insurance in China has shut the door away from young students and adult to reach out.


Looking for mental health support in China can be overwhelming. Despite the growing number of those who are afflicted by it, the country’s service provider (namely psychotherapist, psychiatrist, mental health social workers) to patient ratio remains very low. Unlike the counseling industry in the U.S., the lack of professional certificate regulations rendered the counseling market full of practitioner with limited hands-on experiences.


Even with the growing access and lower financial burden, many are still reluctant to seek help due to implicit and/or explicit stigmatization toward mental health issues and service users as studies supported. Reported barriers originated by stigmatization has prevented patients to actively receive social support from family and communities, which hold indispensable weights for recovery.

Our Mission

WYMA devotes itself to solve the inequality of mental health resources in China through combining research and activism. We support our clients using peer power, connect social resources to advance mental health education and services, and enlighten inspirations and resonances.

Our Value

To Everyone: Our support and service are available for everyone.

To Another One: We strive to make visible changes by reaching and helping even one more individual.

To No One: We hope that helplessness afflicts no one when they need psychological support.

Meet Our Team

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Yuyao Huang

Yuyao Huang is the CEO of WYMA. He founded WYMA in high school at sixteen after seeing the problem of mental health as a public health crisis. Yuyao is responsible for the planning, organization, and direction of WYMA’s operations and programs. Yuyao leads teams to improve peer-based mental health services as a resource and improve the organization’s journalism efforts on mental health awareness. Prior to WYMA, Yuyao worked as a treasury associate at GE and a management consultant at ByteDance, with experiences in the supply chain, e-commerce, and healthcare industry. Besides WYMA, Yuyao is a research assistant at the Deepest Beliefs Lab and Positive Psychology Center at the University of Pennsylvania. He serves at the UNC Student Government Executive Branch as a staff, addressing mental health awareness and stigma reduction across campus. He is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Senior Vice President, Support & Services

Yiling Chen

Yiling Chen is the current vice president of Support & Services department. She is in charge of the development and operation of all WYMA service programs, including Peer Guiding, WYMA Mailbox, the real time e-guiding program and more. Yiling is a junior undergraduate student at Rice University in Houston, Texas. She started college hoping to pursue a career in physics while studying psychology as a personal interest. Her passion in social sciences sparked as she conducted an independent research project on soccer culture in China, which brought her attention to constructive social problems and the role of sociological imagination in transforming the society. She designed a board game to initiate changes in Chinese youth training system of soccer, and now hopes to make similar contributions to the chaotic psych market. Yiling joined WYMA with an ambition to provide the public with more accessible and reliable mental health support. She considers it a mark of civilization that people refrain from social Darwinism and start supporting their fellow human beings to pursue a ”good life” of one’s own definition.

Co-founder, President

Cecilia Zhao

Cecilia serves the role of cofounder, business development director, research manager, and peer-based mental health trainer in WYMA. After joining WYMA in the early 2021, she initiates Peer Guiding services with her team by incorporating peer counseling and coaching skills. As a lab manager, she operates the social psychology lab with a primary focus on how school climate in lower resource region influences the mental health of adolescents. She is also responsible for developing and implementing business plans to identify potential partnerships and improve publicity for the platform. Prior to joining WYMA, Cecilia worked in SPARK as a HR manager dedicated to open up the access of free English education in remote villages and counties. She also worked at Moonshot Academy, a innovative high school dedicated to develop fulfilled individuals and active compassionate citizens, where she assisted curriculum design for project-based learning in psychology courses and researched cultural relevance of social-emotional learning (SEL) interventions. Outside of WYMA, Cecilia is a ICF certified coach (ACC) and a Schouten trainer (TFT), committed to professional practices of helping clients to improve leadership, unlocking potentiality, and delivering training sessions. As an undergraduate student at Bard College at Simon’s Rock, her academic interests involves social psychology, pathology, body politics, and ethics.

Chief Operating Officer

Fanqing Wu

Ahri Wu is the Human Resources Director, Event Department Head, and COO(Chief Operating Officer) of WYMA. As an HR Director, she is in charge of project management, internal bonding, membership experience, and recruitment. In the Events department, she also organizes events such as gender-theme panels, mental wellness workshop “CareCafé,” etc. Serving as COO, she regularly tracks WYMA’s organizational structure and administrative procedures, working toward minimizing unnecessary workload for everyone. Ahri is currently a sophomore at Northwestern University, with double majors in Gender & Sexuality Studies, Communication Studies, and minor in Business Institutions. After the outbreak of the pandemic, she became increasingly aware of the mental wellbeing of the youth. Recognizing that providing free, accessible, and sustainable peer counseling services is vital, she joined WYMA in January 2021 and wished to make a collective impact. In the future, she hopes that everyone who comes to WYMA can find warmth and peace. Besides working part-time at WYMA, she has also been involved in Delta Sigma Pi(professional fraternity), AIESEC, the student government assembly, and other leadership cohorts in college.