Our History


  • Dec. 23 Established our official account on WeChat (Chinese Media)


  • Jan. 29 Started to recruit members and opened online application system.
  • Mar. 18 First organization meeting
  • Apr. 15 Held a mental health carnival in ___ and had __ attendees from __ psychology clubs in Beijing.
  • May 20 Initiated the Énlight Journal, collecting members’ introspection and insights.
  • Sep. 19 Started the “Dear MailBox” project. Provided advices to fellows and encouraged them to express self by exchanging letters with them.


Apr. new activities, including the Embracer Club, Support Group, Échoir Exclusive, etc.


Nov. Commenced working on the transformation plan for the WYMA organization


  • Jun. 21 Formulated our mission and culture: “To One” ( hyperlink to be added: link to the mission page)
  • Jul. 21 Publicized the WYMA Peer Guiding product and provided services to our first group of clients.
  • Oct. 12. Finished NPO registration in the State of North Carolina, US, and officially became WYMA Inc.